What a day for a pre-wedding shoot! Alexis & Adam had picked the uber cool Castlefield in Manchester as the location for their shoot and unfortunately the weather wasn’t too kind to us…BUT…rain shall only stop play in cricket!

It’s really important to me that I always shoot the pre-wedding shoot when we’ve booked it in, no matter what the weather does. It’s a great way of reassuring my clients, that no matter what the weather does on their wedding day, we’ll still get amazing images. Alexis & Adam really understood this and were so up for the shoot, even though it was bucketing it down!

Here’s a few of my favourites from the day…


I love working with brides and grooms like Alexis and Adam – every little detail is so important to them in the build up to their day and on the day itself, they’re insistent that they will have input into everything to ensure that everything has their own personal touch and they’re not afraid to get creative – I love it!

Alexis & Adam don’t actually get married until August 2011, but Adam’s heading off to the USA for a few months in the new year for work. Alexis will be visiting at some point in the new year, but the last few months ahead of the wedding they’ll be apart…and possibly the first time they’ll see each other when he gets back is on their wedding day (at the amazing Mitton Hall!) …how amazing and emotional will that be?!?!

Great work on the shoot guys, you were awesome, super enthusiastic and I can’t wait for your big day! It’s going to be very special.