Michelle and Nick pre-wedding shoot in Castlefield

Pre-wedding | 23.02.2010

This is the very lovely Michelle and Nick – they’re getting married in a few weeks in Chorlton and then having their reception at the Town Hall in Manchester so they decided they’d like the pre-wedding in Manchester as well.

We met in Castlefield early on the saturday morning and just started shooting! Michelle and Nick’s first date was actually at Dukes 92 in Castlefield, so we made sure we incorporated it into the shoot as well!

I really do love pre-wedding shoots, it gives me the chance to get to know the bride and groom better and they’re great fun as well. By the time we’d finished and ended up in Dukes for a coffee afterwards, I had a much clearer idea about how Michelle and Nick want their day shooting, something that you can only understand when you spend time with the bride and groom. We got some great stuff on their shoot and it’s always nice to hear the images from a shoot are well received by the bride and groom and their friends too. There were some lovely comments on Facebook when Michelle posted some of the images onto her profile – always great to see.

Here’s a few of my favourites from the shoot…


I love this shot!  I’d sent Michelle and Nick over the bridge to the other side of the canal while I changed memory card.  When I turned round, they’d sat themselves on this bench – always great to work with people who realise that it’s good to have a sense of humour where the photography is concerned!


The heart is real!  My wife Emma was convinced I’d photoshopped it in!  But it’s there on the wall.  Probably the friendliest graffiti ever!

Outside the venue of Michelle and Nick’s first date!


Really can’t wait for Michelle and Nick’s day now – it’s going to be great fun and we’re going to get some amazing stuff!


  • diane Gardner

    I feel you’ve captured their sense of fun with the last couple of shots Jonny… it makes me seem as if I know Michelle and Nick and am waiting for my wedding invite now….Have a great wedding day.
    Love aunty Diane

  • Michelle

    Ahhh, they really are fab shots. We were so excited watching the DVD which brought the photos to life and made us even more excited about our big day because we just know you’re going to capture all the fun, laughter and (no doubt) tears of our special day. Can’t wait!

  • Nick Humphreys

    Hi Jonny
    The pictures you have taken are great. As you know I was a bit apprehensive about the shoot as i am a bit uncomfortable in front of a camera, but as you can see you put me at ease and got some fantastic shots. I am actually not worrying about the wedding day photo’s now as i think you with definitely capture those special moments for me and Michelle. Great work and see you soon. Nick


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