Dorothy and Paul’s pre-wedding shoot at Dunham Massey

Pre-wedding | 27.07.2010

I posted a sneak preview of Dorothy & Paul’s pre-wedding shoot at Dunham Massey a few weeks ago – I loved that one image so much that I’ve included it again on this post! I’m sooooo excited about Dorothy & Paul’s big day – one of my favourite venues, some of my favourite people and best wedding friends – it’s going to be brilliant!

They’re getting married at the best kept secret in Lytham St Anne’s – the magnificent Lytham Hall (although thanks to all the couples who are getting married there these days, it’s becoming much more well known which I’m really pleased about) The best in the business are all there making it happen from them – Rowley’s Catering looking after all things food, drink and making sure the whole day goes perfectly. Flower Design making the hall look even more spectacular than it does already! And the main man, my very good friend, Howard Wing – the UK’s no 1 wedding singer – it really is going to be a very special day.

So onto the shoot and Dorothy and Paul – I was so delighted to get a phone call from Dorothy once they’d received their images. They were absolutely made up with the shots and it was so nice of Dorothy to take the time to call me and tell me – she didn’t have to do that and I really was so happy to take that call! But that’s the kind of people they are – good fun, kind, caring and thoughtful. Perfect clients!

We arrived at Dunham Massey at 9:30am in the morning and it was a pretty miserable day. Brolly’s at the ready we walked through to the main park where, as soon as we started shooting, the rain stopped! We got a good hour in before it started again and then hit the cafe just as the heavens opened! Perfect timing!

Here’s some of my favourites from the shoot…

dorothy_paul_pre_lores 004
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 006
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 007
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 009
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 015
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 018
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 020
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 021
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 023
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 024
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 025
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 027
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 029
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 031

This was the shot from the sneak preview – how dramatic?!?!

dorothy_paul_pre_lores 032
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 036
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 037
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 038
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 039

So only a few weeks to go now guys – can’t wait!



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