Belle Epoque Wedding Photography – Laura and James

Weddings | 12.03.2011

Here’s a little Saturday morning sneak preview just for the loveliest bride and groom in the whole world, Laura and James! They were married yesterday and had the most beautiful reception at The Belle Epoque in Knutsford. It was an absolute pleasure to be involved in their day, they have the loveliest families and friends you could ever meet and it was just the best atmosphere you could wish for at a wedding!

Great to work with my very good friend Tom Harrington from Silk Wedding Videos – a true pro as always. I even got a cheeky look at a couple of shots he got and they look stunning!

Lovely to see Michelle off of Timeless Bride as a guest! Not something that us wedding folk get to experience too often, so nice to see her relaxing and enjoying the day!

Also caught a fleeting glimpse of Laura from Green Earth Flowers as I was shooting the bride and groom leaving the church! We managed a wave at each other! The flowers looked amazing Laura!

So, here’s the sneaky peek, starting with Laura’s stunning dress from where else? Timeless Bride in Poynton of course!


LOVE this!  The girls look awesome!


How cool is this?  Just before Laura & James did the first dance we snuck outside to take advantage of the gorgeous exterior of the Belle Epoque, lit up at night…


Congratulations Laura and James!  Have an amazing time on honeymoon and I can’t wait to catch up with you when you get back!


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