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Wedding Photography Workshop / Locations, Lighting and Posing

Masterclass | 29.05.2014

It’s here!  The blog post all about my recent Masterclass in Locations, Lighting & Posing.  This work shop does what it says on the tin.  It was all about choosing great locations, using lighting creatively (a mix of natural light, video and constant light sources, off camera flash and location lighting) and posing your subject.

Me, TWENTY photographers, an amazing team working with me – it was always going to be a blast!

We started off early doors prepping our model, the gorgeous Sarah, for the day ahead.  We’d been bold.  We wanted to do three full changes on the day, including a bridal look and we knew we didn’t have much time to spare in between shooting.  But that’s where the awesome team comes into play.  Paisley Gamble Hairdresser and Kerry Baker Make Up Artist alongside my gorgeous wife Emma (from LOVE Bridal Boutique!) ensured that Sarah looked amazing and was ready in an unbelievably short time!

Massive thanks have to go to Jenny from The Lowry for letting us use the interior of this amazing building, Howard Wing for working with the photographers on all things marketing and networking and generally how to be an amazing wedding supplier, to Joe & Karin from Pinchjo’s Tapas bar and restaurant in West Didsbury for hosting the ‘after party’ and to Andy Murphy DJ for spinning the tunes and ensuring that everyone suitable embarrassed themselves singing karaoke ;)

So to start off, some instagram ‘behind the scenes’ photos courtesy of Howard, Kerry and Emma…


Getting things started – this is what I shot on the day…



















Some of the attending photographers have been kind enough to share some of their images from the day – I LOVE seeing how differently everyone has framed images, processed them and really put their own stamp on them :)



















And then it was party time….it started off relatively sensibly as overall, this was part of the workshop to encourage a little bit of ‘networking’ – amongst the attending photographers and all the involved suppliers as well as some of my other wedding supplier friends I’d invited to join us for the evening – it was great to see Sian from Didsbury Flower Lounge, Tom from Silk Wedding Films, Helen and Pete from We Are Life, Ben and Kate from Thyme Out Deli and Catering and Helen from Macleod Bradley :)

But then the rounds of jagermeister started and it all got a bit nuts…!!!


…and got ridiculous quite quickly…!!!

Finally, a huge thank you to Jo Eardley for assisting on the day and shooting the party images for us – great work Jo!  :)


Keep your eye on my Facebook page for more Workshops, Masterclasses and Training experiences (not all finish with a party I’m afraid!)




Didsbury House Hotel Wedding Photographs – Emma and Chris

Weddings | 21.03.2014

Ahh, this one takes me back :)   This is the gorgeous Emma and Chris and I was delighted when they asked me to take their Didsbury House Hotel Wedding Photographs before Christmas.

I’ve known Chris for a long time – we grew up next door to each other!  And when I introduced his Emma to my Emma, they hit it off straight away and next thing we found ourselves at their wedding as guests as well as working!  And we even stayed over – which took us right back to the night after our own wedding just over 6 years ago when we stayed at Didsbury House Hotel the night before we flew off on honeymoon :)

This was a real family affair – a wonderfully intimate, late afternoon ceremony lit by candles.  It was so romantic and atmospheric.  It was wonderful to work with some of my closest wedding friends at Emma and Chris’s wedding too – the amazing Sian from Didsbury Flower Lounge, Gemma Hallowell MUA and Paisley Gamble hairdresser.  And last but not least, my own gorgeous Emma, from LOVE Bridal Boutique, where Emma bought her beautiful Mia Mia by Alan Hannah wedding dress :)

Here’s the story of Emma and Chris’s truly wonderful day…














































Congratulations again Emma and Chris!!!




Peckforton Castle Wedding Photographs – Laura & Dave

Weddings | 26.02.2014

Aah, Laura & Dave’s wedding at Peckforton Castle.  What a gorgeous, lovely couple.  Their wedding was just perfect.  They were amazing to work with and they involved some amazing suppliers too :)   It was a pleasure as always working with my great friend Sian from Didsbury Flower Lounge, award winning DJ Andy Murphy and the wonderful Airy Fairy Cupcakes (Laura’s very own business!)  Peckforton Castle Wedding Photographs tend to be pretty spectacular.  It is a castle after all!  But there’s just something about Laura & Dave’s photographs that make them even more spectacular.  They were such a pleasure to work with and so committed to getting some amazing pictures of their stunning day.  Here are some of my favourites…














































































Congratulations again Laura & Dave!





Top 20 of 2011 – So far…

Weddings | 20.07.2011

How about a ‘midseason’ review then? I thought I’d showcase my favourite 20 images shot at weddings so far this year. The rules? Only one image per wedding is allowed and I’m not allowed to waffle on for ages about boring technical things! A simple sentence with each image to explain why it’s my favourite from that particular wedding.

I’ve been very lucky again this year to work alongside some of my favourite wedding friends at so many of these weddings and all these images feature them. Not in shot. In true ‘Jerry Maguire’ style, they are somewhere just out of shot! So a big thank you to my great friends at Styal Lodge, Silk Wedding Videos, Flower Design, One and Only Bridal Couture, The Coolers, Rowley’s Catering, Timeless Bride, Green Earth Flowers, Lytham Hall, Charlotte Balbier, The White Closet, Top Table Events, Emma Draper MUA, Didsbury Life, The Flower Lounge and And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon to name just a few!

The images are in no particular order – I love them all equally!

So we start with a gorgeous shot of Ruth of off Ruth and Andy who were married at The Ashes in April.  I love it’s ethereal (ness!)  That is all!


Dawn and Phil and the surprise organised by her friends at school – this is Dawn’s class forming a guard of honour with hockey sticks on her arrival at church!  What’s not to love?!


Emma & Pete.  Drinking with a helping hand from their friends.  Need I say more?!?!


Jacqui & Will at Styal Lodge.  A beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple.  They’ve gone back to London now and I miss them.  Sniff….


Sarah (off of Sarah & Martin) and her girls giving it both barrels on the bowling green!  Love it!


A timeless portrait of the quite simply stunning Neelum (Neelum & Shabab) at Haigh Hall.  Gorgeous.


Leona and Will at Sandhole Oak Barn.  This was a hell of a wedding!  I was lucky enough to sit on the bridesmaids table for the wedding breakfast – what an experience!  (Thanks to CB for looking after me and Katy and Katie for frightening me to death!)


Carrie & Rob at Oddfellows in Chester.  Uber cool.


Sian and Dave at The Inn at Whitewell.  I actually saw one of their friends comment on Facebook that this shot summed up their day.  The weather, the happy vibe, the excitement.  So that’s why it’s here!  ‘Cos I agree!


Mel & Jivko‘s Conway Castle wedding.  This shot is all about Jivko’s flick of the veil!


My sister and her husband.  Kate & Ant at our favourite Italian restaurant, The Tarantella in Poynton.  What an amazing day…


Jordana & Ben and their awesome bridal party.  Cool as anything.


Jenna & Chris at Mitton Hall.  Because this is the shot that Jenna and I had talked about for months leading up to their wedding.  And we nailed it exactly as she imagined.  Perfect!


Hannah & Jason on the platform at Styal Lodge.  Taking advantage of the moody sky and proving that it’s not all about bright sunny days!


Catherine (off of Catherine & Will) and her girlies.  Sometimes waiting until a little bit later in the day for certain shots is totally worth it…


Sam & Aaron at Duncombe Park in North Yorkshire.  Because they look amazing in what is a completely amazing venue.


Nicky & Graham at Styal Lodge in Cheshire.  Because I got nettled!


Laura & John at The Villa in Wrea Green, Lancashire.  They had a table for two at their wedding breakfast!  How cool?!


Catherine & Richard and their gorgeous bridal party at Lytham Hall.  Owning the place.


Lisa and Eric at Thornton Manor.  Does this shot need a reason?!?!


Possibly the closest wedding I’ll ever do to my front door!  Lisa & Alex’s ‘Secret’ West Didsbury Wedding.  This shot just sums up everything about the coolest part of South Manchester…


So that’s it so far!  Gorgeous couples, gorgeous venues and all round gorgeousness!  Plenty more to come the rest of the year which I’m sure will be just as fab as the first half of the year has been!


West Didsbury Wedding Event – Sneak Peek!

Events | 20.03.2011

Yesterday saw the very first West Didsbury Wedding Event happen and I wanted to share a few images with you as a little sneaky preview ahead of showing the full set, including a few ‘behind the scenes’ ones.

Organised as a joint effort by Didsbury’s top wedding experts, proving that it is possible to ‘shop locally’ for the biggest day of your life, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with some of my lovely wedding friends to put this event together. Hosted at Rhubarb by Lisa and her amazing team, myself, Didsbury Life, The White Closet, Didsbury Flower Lounge, And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon, Emma Draper Makeup Artist, Mcleod Bradley, Silver Apples, Pearls & Lace Films, Silver Sixpence in her shoe and Zoe Chiotis came together to put on a wedding event with a difference. No ‘selling’, no pressure, no scary atmosphere, just a room full of lovely people ready to chat to gorgeous brides and grooms to be about all things wedding!

One of my very own beautiful brides, the absolutely stunning Alexis (who gets married this August! Can’t wait!) came along to wear some of The White Closet’s beautiful gowns so that brides could see a real girl in the most amazing bridal gowns and who they could chat to about how it felt to wear a White Closet dress.

I of course had brought my camera along as it’s great to shoot a little bit of what’s going on and also shoot something specific to the event. It was all about West Didsbury, so we decided that we would shoot a series of images along Burton Road to really highlight that it doesn’t matter where you are, what ‘look’ you are going for on your day, whether you’re quirky or vintage, contemporary or traditional, you can always shoot absolutely stunning images if you’ve got the right wedding experts involved in your day.

So a little look at what we shot on Burton Road yesterday…(Remember as well – Alexis is a real bride, not a model and will look stunning on her own big day, as she does in these images!)

As a bride you can shoot images that are completely natural and tell the story of your surroundings…(Alexis is wearing Claire Pettibone’s ‘Yolanda’ in the middle of Burton Road, West Didsbury!)


You can do seriously cool, high-fashion style images if that’s the kind of girl you are…(in the alley between Folk and the co-op)


In the middle of Burton Road, West Didsbury…(Alexis is wearing David Fielden’s ‘Wallis Simpson’)


If you’re a little bit quirky…(In Silver Apples on Burton Road, West Didsbury…)


(In Burton Road Bakery, Burton Road, West Didsbury…)


You can do the seriously cool vintage look (shot in The White Closet, Burton Road, West Didsbury)


And a vintage vibe in And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon…


The same bride, a couple of different dresses, some very different locations and looks = whatever you want!!!  It’s so important for brides to be in love with all of the details of her day and the team of wedding people she has around her on the day so that she’s left safe in the knowledge that they know her, understand her and can interpret all of her ideas and contribute to making her day as amazing and memorable as she’s always dreamed.

A massive thanks to all my amazing wedding friends yesterday, it was great to work closely with some seriously cool and creative people and come up with ideas that we could shoot throughout the course of the day.  It was great fun and this is only the start of the West Didsbury Wedding Event!  Watch this space!

Loads more images coming soon too!


Mandy and Andy’s Manchester Wedding – Sneak Preview!

Weddings | 19.03.2011

A very quick Saturday morning sneaky peek at yesterday’s gorgeous Great John Street Hotel wedding, where the absolutely lovely Mandy & Andy were married. It was a beautiful spring day (which we managed to take advantage of up on the roof terrace) and was a pleasure to be a part of such a beautiful, intimate wedding. My very good friend Sian from Didsbury Flower Lounge supplied the most beautiful bouquet and arrangements and it was great to see one of my past brides and grooms, the unfeasibly lovely and gorgeous Charlotte and Pete, there enjoying themselves as guests.

So, just for Mandy & Andy, here’s a little taster of what yesterday looked like through the lens…



Congratulations Mandy & Andy!


Charlotte Balbier Weekend at The White Closet!

Events | 29.01.2011

There’s a LOT of excited brides at The White Closet in West Didsbury today! It’s The White Closet’s Charlotte Balbier designer weekend and it’s a complete sell out! All the appointments were booked miles in advance, as not only are you getting the usual excellent levels of service, attention and advice from Nikki & the girls, but the Goddess of Bridal herself, Charlotte Balbier, is there all weekend too!

We LOVE Charlotte Balbier – amazing dresses, brilliant brand and huge amounts of fun to be around to top it all off!

So I popped in earlier to shoot some images for The White Closet and to see what was happening…


Eve from The White Closet does all the window art – isn’t it fab?!


The Goddess of Bridal!


Nikki, the owner of The White Closet with Charlotte…


The whole team together!  Eve, Nikki, Charlotte & Emma…


The Flower Lounge had prepared some beautiful arrangements especially for the weekend…


All brides to be get goody bags full of lovely things to take away with them!


And finally – a some of Nikki & Charlotte’s recent brides who’s pictures are now proudly on display!  First – Liz in a fab Charlotte Balbier gown “Tabitha”…


Aarti wearing Charlotte Balbier’s “Zara”.  Just stunning!


So more of the same throughout the rest of the afternoon and all day again tomorrow!

All the best to all the new Charlotte Balbier & The White Closet Brides!


Didsbury Flower Lounge Open Evening

Events | 10.12.2010

Last week saw a lovely Christmassy open evening at the gorgeous Didsbury Flower Lounge – with snow and everything! Sian, the owner of The Flower Lounge had decided to throw open the doors and invite people to join her for an evening of wine, cupcakes and Christmas inspiration – naturally I was on hand to capture what was a really warm and inviting atmosphere! (And to drink some wine!)


Gorgeous cupcakes from Airyfairy Cupcakes in Didsbury…


The very lovely Sian welcoming her guests!


Laura Draper (no relation!) from Airyfairy Cupcakes…



The White Closet girlies!


A great evening that really got everyone in the mood for Christmas!!!


The White Closet Claire Pettibone weekend!

Events | 26.11.2010

Double dose of excitment at The White Closet this weekend! Not only is it their Claire Pettibone designer weekend, but it’s their 1st Birthday! Happy Birthday!!!

So I popped in to shoot a little bit of what was happening on both counts…


A gorgeous Claire Pettibone gown in the window…


Claire Pettibone gowns galore!


Eve helps out a very excited White Closet bride!


How gorgeous is this candleabra from Didsbury Flower Lounge?


Yummy treats from Silver Apples in West Didsbury!


While I was there Nikki asked me to shoot some images of her and the girls to use on their website…so we start with the very lovely and gorgeous owner of The White Closet – Nikki Graeme.


The equally lovely and gorgeous Emma…


And the equally lovely and gorgeous Eve!


And I love this shot of Eve, Nikki & Emma together – they’re a really close and happy team which really shows through in this image!


So Happy Birthday to The White Closet!  The Claire Pettibone extravaganza continues into tomorrow, with loads more excited brides to be booked in to try some of The White Closet’s exquisite gowns – I LOVE it in there!