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Olivia’s 18th at Twelve in Thornton

Events | 12.08.2010

Yesterday saw me drop off a set of images to possibly the most excited person in the world – Olivia Jones. It was her 18th last week and Emma and I were invited along to the celebrations at the absolutely amazing Twelve in Thornton.

Of course I took my camera along…

olivia_lores 006
olivia_lores 004

Gorgeous simple arrangements that Olivia had put together herself…anyone would think she works at Flower Design every now and again…

olivia_lores 027
olivia_lores 031

The birthday girl arrives!

olivia_lores 010

Now, Olivia is pretty camera shy, so it took a little bit of convincing to let me take some shots of her and her very hunky and buff boyfriend, Seany G…

olivia_lores 043
olivia_lores 044
olivia_lores 048

Properly camera shy…

olivia_lores 058
olivia_lores 040

As Olivia was overcoming her fear of the camera, she got her lovely best mate, Emily, out to shoot some stuff with her – attitude or what?!?!

olivia_lores 052

Olivia art-directed this particular pose and shot – nice hey?

olivia_lores 059

Back inside for serious birthday stuff…

olivia_lores 064

Very emotional speeches…

olivia_lores 073

Just before Caroline from Twelve chucked us all out for being too rowdy (Rebecca!) we took advantage of the seriously cool decor in the restaurant and the bar…


Olivia was well and truly over her camera shy-ness by now!


Spot the inspiration for this pose…


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!  Great work Olivia!


Happy Birthday Olivia!  Thanks for inviting us along!


Dorothy and Paul’s pre-wedding shoot at Dunham Massey

Pre-wedding | 27.07.2010

I posted a sneak preview of Dorothy & Paul’s pre-wedding shoot at Dunham Massey a few weeks ago – I loved that one image so much that I’ve included it again on this post! I’m sooooo excited about Dorothy & Paul’s big day – one of my favourite venues, some of my favourite people and best wedding friends – it’s going to be brilliant!

They’re getting married at the best kept secret in Lytham St Anne’s – the magnificent Lytham Hall (although thanks to all the couples who are getting married there these days, it’s becoming much more well known which I’m really pleased about) The best in the business are all there making it happen from them – Rowley’s Catering looking after all things food, drink and making sure the whole day goes perfectly. Flower Design making the hall look even more spectacular than it does already! And the main man, my very good friend, Howard Wing – the UK’s no 1 wedding singer – it really is going to be a very special day.

So onto the shoot and Dorothy and Paul – I was so delighted to get a phone call from Dorothy once they’d received their images. They were absolutely made up with the shots and it was so nice of Dorothy to take the time to call me and tell me – she didn’t have to do that and I really was so happy to take that call! But that’s the kind of people they are – good fun, kind, caring and thoughtful. Perfect clients!

We arrived at Dunham Massey at 9:30am in the morning and it was a pretty miserable day. Brolly’s at the ready we walked through to the main park where, as soon as we started shooting, the rain stopped! We got a good hour in before it started again and then hit the cafe just as the heavens opened! Perfect timing!

Here’s some of my favourites from the shoot…

dorothy_paul_pre_lores 004
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 006
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 007
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 009
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 015
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 018
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 020
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 021
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 023
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 024
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 025
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 027
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 029
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 031

This was the shot from the sneak preview – how dramatic?!?!

dorothy_paul_pre_lores 032
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 036
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 037
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 038
dorothy_paul_pre_lores 039

So only a few weeks to go now guys – can’t wait!


Dorothy and Paul’s pre-wedding shoot at Dunham Massey

Pre-wedding | 16.07.2010

The rest of the images will be here next week, but for now, here’s one that I loved as soon as I shot it!  Dorothy & Paul are getting married in a few weeks and having their reception at one of my favourite venues, the spectacular Lytham Hall.

I really can’t wait to shoot Dorothy & Paul’s wedding, they’re so lovely and so photogenic it’s not true!  They’re going to look amazing on their special day.

But not only do I get to shoot two gorgeous people in a gorgeous venue, I get to work with some of my most favourite and gorgeous wedding friends too!  The amazing Rowley’s Catering, the incredible Jane & Jason from Flower Design and the horribly tall & good looking Howard Wing (congratulations to Howard & Sam on the birth of their son, William this week!  All the best guys!)

This is going to be a truly fantastic wedding!

dorothy_paul_blog_lores 001

More images from Dorothy & Paul’s pre-wedding shoot at Dunham Massey coming soon…


Charlotte and John’s pre wedding shoot at Lytham Hall

Pre-wedding | 22.06.2010

We were up against it last weekend, let me tell you! Paul Rowley from my favourite caterers and events managers, Rowley’s Catering, had already done me a big favour and let us use Lytham Hall for Charlotte & John’s pre-wedding shoot, but as soon as we set off up the drive, the heaven’s opened! And showed no sign of letting up…

A bit of luck, in that Paul had some show rounds to do at the hall at the same time we were there, along with a very kind offer from Paul to let us inside to shoot some stuff in the very magnificent hall itself, meant that we got a great variety of images for Charlotte & John and also proved (as I like to do as often as possible to offer reassurance to brides and grooms who are concerned about the weather) that it doesn’t matter what the weather does, we’ll still get great images outside (there’s always shelter to be found!) and if we have to do everything inside, then no problems at all – we’ll get great stuff there too!

Charlotte & John are getting married about 200 yards from Charlotte’s Mum & Dad’s house and then having their reception at another of my favourite Lytham venues, The Grand. Can’t wait!

So…a few of my favourites from Charlotte & John’s shoot…


I LOVE the inside of Lytham Hall – it’s spectacular, there’s loads of variety and different locations to use…


I love these two shots – as Paul said on the day, Charlotte & John look like Lord & Lady Clifton on them!


Tee hee….


I can’t wait for Charlotte & John’s big day now, they’re so lovely, so easy to get on with and are so excited about everything to do with their wedding!


Steph and James’s wedding at Lytham Hall and The Grand Hotel

Weddings | 11.05.2010

So here it is! The full post all about Steph & James’s amazing wedding at Lytham Hall and The Grand Hotel in Lytham St Annes.

I was lucky enough to be working on the day with some of my absolute best wedding friends, including the fantastic Flower Design and the guys from Rowley’s Catering over at Lytham Hall.  When you work closely with other top wedding professionals on a regular basis you really do feel reassured that nothing can go wrong on the day.  You all know each other well, you know how everybody works and you can watch out for each other and help each other out throughout the course of the day as well – it’s a great feeling and you know that everybody around you desperately wants the bride and groom to have the best day ever and will do anything to make sure that happens.

So back to the wedding!  I started off in the morning at The Grand where everyone was staying (I was nervous Steph & James would be bumping into each other but they were in rooms at complete opposite ends of the hotel!) and met the girls in Steph’s room…


Jason and Sarah from the amazing Flower Design arrived to present Steph with her bouquet…


I met the lads in the bar (surprise, surprise!)


Back upstairs where Steph was being helped by her gorgeous bridesmaids, Sarah and Anna and her very gorgeous Mum, Jean…


Steph’s Dad John arrived once Steph was ready…


Sarah & Anna were the picture of discretion when trying to spy on the boys from the bedroom window without being seen!


Arriving at Lytham Hall…




The ceremony really was fantastic, so full of emotion…


Champagne time!


Lytham Hall is one of my favourite venues to shoot weddings at.  Everywhere looks beautiful, the interiors are amazing and the grounds are endless…


A true spring wedding…


Back to The Grand in Lytham for the wedding breakfast – how amazing are Flower Design’s creations?!


I put this image on the sneak preview a few weeks ago, but it’s so beautiful I had to show it again!


The speeches were truly brilliant….!!!


And before it was time for me to leave, the first dance…beautiful….


So a final congratulations to Steph & James and both their families who made me feel so welcome on the day – it was a genuine pleasure being a part of your special day!


Lytham Hall Wedding Fayre, 28th March 2010

Events | 06.04.2010

Greetings from sunny(ish!) Cornwall! I’m writing this blog sat in ‘Island House’ in the beautiful fishing village of Polperro, looking over the harbour whilst Emma builds a fire in the log burner! (she’s a very practical Studio Director!)

There’s been some fabulous photography opportunities with more to come, so there’ll definitely be a post about this trip coming soon.

But today’s post is all about the fantastic wedding fayre that I was involved in at Lytham Hall last sunday. Some of the UK’s best wedding experts were there including my great friends,

Flower Design, the amazing Rowley’s catering and top wedding singer, Howard Wing.

It was great to meet so many lovely brides and grooms – although I have to admit, Emma did most of the meeting and greeting on the Jonny Draper Photography stand as I was involved with other things on the day, including covering the spectacular Dreamcatcher Bridal fashion show.

Here’s some of my favourites from the day starting with a couple of shots of Flower Design and Rowley’s beautiful tables….


The fashion show really was amazing – I had the opportunity to shoot it from a slightly more ‘behind the scenes’ view as the girls were coming down the stairs before all the guests saw them.  I love the staircase at Lytham Hall, it’s spectacular, dramatic, beautiful – just a fabulous part of the venue that really looks so incredible on a wedding day.  It was great to be able to shoot some images that will hopefully excite and inspire anybody who is getting married at Lytham Hall…


You don’t often get 6 brides all at the same time on the staircase at Lytham Hall!!!


How beautiful are Flower Design’s bouquets?!


A fantastic wedding event, brilliantly organised – top work from everybody involved!


Flower Design Afternoon Tea at Lytham Hall

Events | 31.03.2010

I had the pleasure of attending another Flower Design Afternoon Tea at Lytham Hall last week and it was great fun as always! Jane was on top form as usual and it was great to catch up with some of my favourite wedding friends as well!

A little bit of technical nonsense for those who are interested – I shot this whole event with just one lens.  A 50mm prime (which is a fixed focal length, so basically means there is no zoom on it)

I decided to do this to make myself work a little bit harder on the day.  Shooting weddings and events I usually use two camera bodies with two different lenses attached at all times.  A 24mm-70mm and a 70mm-200mm.  This is basically to give myself a really good range from quite a wide lens (at 24mm on the Canon 5D body, it almost looks wide angle) right through to the far end of the 70-200mm zoom which brings things up nice and close!

When shooting weddings, exciting and amazing things are happening all the time, so it’s imperative that I can react to situations and nail the shot.  By shooting with two bodies with two different lenses, I’m set up well to ensure that I can quickly change between cameras and have the right equipment in my hands to capture the moment.

Anyway, I digress!  I was talking about shooting in the complete opposite way!  Which sounds a bit strange after what I’ve just said, but there are loads of reasons for doing it.  I won’t bore you with them all, but in a nutshell, it forces me to go back to basics.  All natural light, framing shots with care and consideration and using the old fashioned ‘zoom’ – my legs!

As you can see, that one little lens has produced some lovely, crisp images…


Rowley’s catering were responsible for serving this fabulous looking food (and I can vouch for how great it was as I was lucky enough to try some!)


Jane’s demonstrations are always great fun but hugely informative in a ‘behind the scenes’ type of way.  It’s great to see how the very simplest of flowers come together to form such spectacular arrangements!  I’m rubbish at remembering the names of all the different flowers used so do have a look at the Flower Design Blog to see more detail from Jane!


Top singer and entertainer Paul Guard kept all the guests entertained and was fantastic as always!


Ben from Rowley’s Catering ensured everything was running smoothly on the floor and kept the treats coming!


How spectacular do these look?!


I think this was my favourite arrangement from the day…


Another great afternoon out with Flower Design, Rowley’s Catering and Paul Guard at one of my favourite wedding venues, the gorgeous Lytham Hall!


Lytham Hall Wedding Fayre – Sunday 28th March, 11am-4pm

Events | 11.03.2010

Just a little note on what is going to be an exceptional day at Lytham Hall for anyone in the midst of planning their wedding.  Some of my favourite and best wedding friends, including Rowley’s Catering, Flower Design, Dreamcatcher Bridal and Howard Wing will be there (and me of course!) and I can’t wait!  For all things wedding, pop in and talk to some of the UK’s top wedding professionals on a one to one basis.  It’s going to be a fantastic day…


Flower Design Wedding Supper Club at Number One South Beach

Weddings | 10.03.2010

I love the Flower Design Supper clubs so much, but the wedding themed ones are the best! So much fun, but so inspirational for the guests as well.

Jane does an amazing job with every little detail of the evening and the fact that it’s held in such a cool venue in Number One South Beach, it just feels magical!

To very briefly explain what a ‘Flower Design Supper club’ is, let’s keep things simple:

Guests arrive and drink champagne
Howard Wing sings (awesome singer!)
Guests are seated in the dining room
Jane demonstrates different bouquets and arrangements between courses
Guests eat amazing food prepared by head chef, Mark Smith
Howard Wing sings and entertains
I document it all
While guests are eating, an amazing makeover is taking place
After eating and Jane’s demo’s are done, guests are presented with their bride and groom!

Great fun! The main idea behind the evening is to provide ideas and inspiration to the brides to be in the room and hopefully give them some really practical advice that they can take away with them.

Here’s some of my favourite images from the evening…


Every guest got a button hole to really get into the wedding feeling…


Jane introduces our models at the beginning of the evening…


The first demonstration is under way…


The guests are able to get ‘hands on’ with the completed bouquets…


Howard really does know how to kick up a great atmosphere…


Katie Cupcake from The Little House of Cupcakes brought along the most fabulous tower of cupcakes for guests to each take one from…


Jane’s bouquets really are spectacular…


The very lovely Sarah Doherty gets a practice run as a bride (she gets married in a few weeks!) and the very dashing (you can slip me that twenty quid next time I see you mate!) Ben Glover from Rowley’s Catering are introduced to the guests…


Being in such a cool hotel, it was a great opportunity to shoot a couple of great bridal images.  The gorgeous dresses and the suit were all supplied by the very lovely Gill and Georgina from Dreamcatcher Bridal in Kirkham…



The very lovely and beautiful Olivia Jones was bridesmaid for the evening…


Another fantastic Flower Design event that was a pleasure to be involved with as always!  Keep your eye on Jane’s blog for far more detail about the flowers as well (I wouldn’t dare risk getting names, techniques, etc. wrong!  So I stick to just showing the images!)

Steph and James pre-wedding shoot in Lytham St Annes

Pre-wedding | 11.02.2010

Here’s the follow up to the sneak preview earlier in the week – the absolutely lovely Steph and James who are getting married at Lytham Hall and then having their reception at The Grand (how cool is that? Two great venues in one day!)

Steph really liked the idea of getting onto the beach at Lytham if the weather allowed so that was our starting point. As you can see, we got really lucky with the weather (this was the end of January) although it was bitterly cold in the shade! There was actually ice washing up onto the beach it was that cold!

The most important thing for me with pre-wedding shoots is to get the bride and groom as relaxed as possible as quickly as possible. It’s important for the shoot to be fun, no pressure on anyone and very informal. I try not to get too heavy with posing couples and aim to keep things as natural as possible.

That hopefully means that on the wedding day, they’re not going to be nervous about the photography and actually are going to look forward to having their pictures taken as equally as they look forward to all the other parts of their big day.

Here’s a few of my favourites from the shoot…




After the beach we headed to Lowther Gardens to change the location slightly…


I love these two shots – they really tell a story…


Really can’t wait for Steph and James’s day now – they really know how they want their day to work and how they want the photography to fit into that which I absolutely love. It’s great when my clients have a real passion about their day and the photography and I think that actually shines through the images.

Their day is going to be spectacular, with the added bonus of getting to work with some of my absolute favourite weddings friends, Flower Design and Rowley’s Catering who I know will do an amazing job for Steph and James.

See you in a couple of weeks guys!